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Boys at School

School Options

I appreciate the fact that you spent time understanding not only the academic needs and strengths of our children but also the social and psychological needs and paired them with institutions that would provide a nurturing environment for them to excel. Our child continues to excel academically and socially in her new school. She has found her voice and oozes confidence in her new experiences. Your impact in our child's education has been palpable and we are very excited about the future. 

-Parent of a 7th grader

Public School

Private/Independent School Options


  • Neighborhood school

  • Charter Schools

  • Magnets, including gifted magnets

  • Schools for Advanced/Specific Studies (GT)

  • Language Immersion Schools

  • K – 6

  • K - 8

  • K - 12

  • Traditional

  • Developmental

  • Progressive

  • Single-sex

  • Religiously affiliated

  • Parochial

Different educational approaches to preschool 

  • Montessori

  • Reggio Emilia

  • Waldorf

  • Play-based

  • Developmentally Appropriate

  • Day Care Centers

  • Language Immersion

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