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Educational Consulting Services

Getting Started

MEC Group provides collaborative educational consulting, testing, and support services to families with students from preschool through high school in a variety of ways.

  • Take advantage of our free (15 minute) consultation call, an opportunity for us to understand your needs

  • To schedule an appointment, please email or call (301) 920-0003

  • We will send you a link to our new parent questionnaire once we connect with you

An Initial Educational Consultation with us is $350/hour. Any consulting services after that first hour is $300/hour (audio or video conferencing)

Students In Uniform

  • Review of current school report card, IEP and/or any additional testing

  • Consultation/conversation regarding your child’s current school situation

  • Personalized conversational interviews with the child (grades 5-12) and parents

  • School observations for grades K-4

  • Planning throughout the application process

  • Sharing variety of school options available (based on your child’s interest, challenges, strengths

  • Support in writing essays, testing and interview prep

  • Application review and/or guidance in completion

  • Debriefing before and/or after school visits and tours

  • Create timelines around the admission process

  • Support with decision making (based on school acceptances)

Educational Consulting Services

Teacher and Young Student

Sometimes families desire and/or need additional support throughout the year, with current or future school related matters. 

​If you are interested in learning more about this service, feel free to contact us at (301) 920-0003 or send us an email.

Ongoing Educational Advising

Moving Day

​We would love to welcome your family to the DMV and to make your move to as easy as possible. $350/for all appointments. 

  • Phone and/or zoom conversations

  • Review of school report card, IQ testing, IEP and/or educational assessment

  • A general discussion of school options for your child

  • Conversations regarding your child’s current school situation

  • Review different educational approaches

  • Suggested school list, with a brief description of each school

  • School visits coordinated by MEC Group

Family Relocation Services

"Thank you Ms. Washington for your continued commitment to our kids' excellence and success as they begin their independent school journey. Your advice, interpersonal and communication skills have been invaluable from day one, and we are very grateful we trusted your judgement because the schools you recommended for our kids have been a perfect match. We hope that any family needing a trusted partner to help them navigate decisions regarding their child's educational future find you first and fast because they will be completely satisfied."

-Parent of 6th & 9th Graders

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